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2025 Team Tryouts!!!!!

Below is the tryout schedule for 14 and under. Tryouts for 15U and up will be by individual appointment.  You should attend the tryout session for the age that you will be for the 2025 Season. We use the April 30th cut off date.  However, if for some reason you cannot make the time slot for your sons age group, you are welcome to attend another session.  

For the age groups with multiple tryout dates, players are not required to attend both days, however if your player is new to the organization, we strongly suggest that you make an effort to attend both days. The more we see of a player, the better we can evaluate.  

  The Pittsburgh Outlaws use the age determination of April 30th, 2025 The age you are on this day, is the age you will play for the 2025 season. 


Tryout Times

Monday July 29th, 5:30pm-7:00pm - 8U,  9U & 10U
Monday July 29th , 7:00pm-8:30pm - 11U, 12U
Monday July 29th, 8:30-9:30pm - 13U
Tuesday July 30th , 5:30pm-7:30 - 9U & 10U
Tuesday July 30th, 7:30pm-10:00pm – 11U & 12U
Wednesday July 31st, 5:30pm-7:30pm – 13U
Wednesday July 31st, 7:30pm-9:30pm – 14U


We take an analytical approach to player development.  Our staff is continually researching, studying and talking to leaders in the field of advanced data collection with respect to hitting and pitching development.  With this continued learning, we also continue to invest in the latest technology to gather performance data to give our players clear and precise direction with respect to their individual training.  Lots of programs talk about player development being the ultimate focus. We have always preached this as well.  We however,  join forward thinking MLB and College Teams that have adopted Data Driven Development Programs for their players.  The data is used to develop plans for each individual player.  These plans are a combination of what we have been teaching for years, plus some new development and mechanics ideas that have been refined with the advent of the measurable metrics that are guiding todays elite players.  Below is a list of the tech we will be utilizing to aid in the development of our athletes

Rapsodo w/ Insight Camera HitTrax
Pocket Radar Blast Motion Bat Sensors
Sony High Speed Camera Sony High Speed Camera
Motus Sleeve Right View Pro Video Analysis

We will continue to educate ourselves to make sure we are on the cutting edge and are able to assist our players in the development and acquisition of elite baseball skills. 

Who we are

We are an travel baseball program. We have teams from 8U up through 17U. Our program is about taking dedicated athletes and teaching them the game of baseball. We pride ourselves on what we teach and how we teach it. The heart and soul of our program is our winter training. Each player will not only have over 31 hours of indoor winter team training, but will also have 5 hours of individual one on one lessons with Outlaws/C-Side's training staff. Our winter training starts in December and runs through the end of March.

Our indoor training is held at Chris Sidick’s C-Side Sports Training Facility located in North Strabane Township. C-Side is a 27,000 sq ft Baseball Taining Facility located near Canonsburg, PA. This facility is the most state of the art facility in the area. 

What we teach

The practice program is designed to start with basic mechanics and through repetitive drills, build on the foundation each week. Practices are designed to be energetic and fast paced.  We work from the ground up with all of our teams no matter what age group. . We will start with the most basic of skills and progress through more advanced throughout the winter workouts. 

We have also adopted an analytical approach to what and how we teach as highlighted in the article above. We are using the same tools and the same methods as many major college and professional teams.     

Where we go

We base each teams tournament schedule on what we think will both be challenging and rewarding depending on the talent level of the team. We will not load the schedule up with easy tournaments just to win trophies. There are many good tournaments local to the Pittsburgh area and in Eastern, Ohio. We also go places such as Cal Ripkens facility in Aberdeen, Marlayland, Sports at the Beach in Rehoboth, Delaware, and our 12U Teams go to Cooperstown Dreams Parks. Most of the other tournaments the we attend are typically no more than a 4 hour drive from Pittsburgh.


As stated above, the main goal of our program is for each player to develop advanced baseball skills

Our Program Includes

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For questions regarding our program please contact one of the following

Ron Wuenstel

President & Director of Player Development

Phone: 412-398-0147

Joe Smiley

Vice President & General Manager

Phone: 7245544384

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