Winter Practice

Team practices are every Sunday for 1 ½ hours.    Each team has mechanics practices every other Wednesday. (Total of 14 Sunday workouts and 7 mechanics practices.).

Team practices consist of 45 min of on field training and 45 min of hitting practice.  Hitting practice includes cage work, tee work, situational hitting drills etc.  Field training includes infield and outfield drills, base running, etc…

Mechanics practice consists of video analysis of each players hitting mechanics.  The coaches then prepare a practice plan for each player built to improve on any particular flaws or weakness while highlighting the strengths.  The drills the players learn should be done at home.  The home repetitions will train our bodies to continue the good and fix the imperfections. The mechanics practices are to observe the player doing the drills and making necessary corrections and adding additional drills to keep improving the player’s skill.  Our video analysis is done using RightView Pro software.  This software was developed by one time Pittsburgh Pirate player Don Slaught.

The Pittsburgh Outlaws are excited to continue the half hour private lesson with a C-Side/Outlaws instructor.  These lessons are included in the Outlaw fees. The lessons are scheduled by you directly with the C-Side Staff.  Priority for Sunday lesson times will be given to those that live the furthest from the facility.    The Outlaw staff and C-Side staff will be in constant communication with respect to what each player works on in their lessons.  We cannot force players to participate in these lessons.  Please note that your fees will not be reduced if you elect not to take the lessons.